Veja Women's Sneakers at the best price

French brand, Veja designs ethical and fair trade women sneakers. Transparency, natural materials oforigine and fair trade, you will have understood that the shoes Veja are made of ecological and sustainable materials. Available in different colors, materials and sizes. Find our selection of sneakers Veja woman and at the best price!

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Vejathe French and committed women's shoe brand

For Veja, wearing a sneaker of the brand is "standing with one foot in the design and one foot in the commitment" and it is with this philosophy that the company was born in 2005 around the creation of eco-responsible shoes from fair trade. Why does Veja specialize in sneakers? Simply because for the founders, the sneaker is a symbolic product of our generation and our time.

Veja The company produces and buys the raw materials directly in Brazil with the intention and the ambition to develop the Amazonian forest economically in order to protect it.

The upcycling of corn, the alternative chosen by Veja against leather

For many, stopping the use of leather in the design of shoes is for a vegan fashion. While not, many replace leather with plastic produced with 99% oil, Veja decides to develop CWL, a vegan and bio-sourced material offering a real sustainable alternative to leather while offering the same virtues as leather.

You have understood that the shoes Veja women are made in the respect of the Man and his environment thanks to a direct consultation with the associations of producers and manufacturers.

The shoe Veja V-10 woman

Flagship model of the French brand, the V-10 is 10 years of love for this model. This emblematic model of the brand is composed of a CWL stem, cotton covered by PU and resin from corn waste. Composed of CWL yoke, the side V logo is made of rubber. For the inner lining we find jersey (33% organic cotton & 67% recycled polyester). Also the insole is made of wild rubber from the Amazon and other synthetic materials, always in the desire to preserve and enhance the wealth of the Amazon forest.

The sneaker Veja Campo Leather woman

Another very trendy model from Veja, this Campo Leather woman is also made in the respect of the Man and his environment. Made in the region of Porto Alegre, Brazil, this woman's shoe will be made of a ChromeFree leather upper which certifies that no heavy metals are used during the tanning of the leather. Giving at the same time a leather more flexible and better quality. We will find chromefree and coated canvas inserts, rubber V logo and an inner lining identical to the one used for the V-10. The sole will be made of Amazonian wild rubber like the V-10.

The shoe Veja V-12 B-Mesh woman

Veja has developed the B-Mesh material which is an intelligent fabric both waterproof and breathable from recycled plastic bottle. The B-Mesh is found throughout the shoe with inserts in waterproof suede and leather. The inner lining is still the same made of jersey, the side logo is also made in the same way as the other models in rubber and the sole.

The sneaker Veja Venturi woman

This pair of women's running shoes is also made with respect for the environment and the human being. We will find uppers in Hexamesh (70% organic cotton and 30% recycled polyester), suede inserts, V-knit and TPU details with always the V logo in rubber, a jersey lining. On the other hand, the sole is thicker than the other shoes and requires more materials such as wild rubber but also jute, recycled plastic bottles and other synthetic materials for a very comfortable sole providing high quality cushioning. This Venturi women's shoe from Veja is also produced in the region of Porto Alegre.

If you want to combine a more ecological and responsible lifestyle while maintaining a perfect style! Veja allows you through its models woman to act to preserve our planet with style! Let yourself be tempted by one of the sneakers Veja woman at the best price!