N'go Ethical and Ethnic Shoes at the best price

N'go is a brand of ethical and ethnic French shoes of fair trade manufacture which value the Vietnamese craft industry. Discover N'go women's shoes, canvas sneakers or leather sneakers on our lifestyle store Made in Paradis by choosing to buy an ecological and fair pair !

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N'go, the ethical and solidarity-based French shoe brand for women

The idea comes in 2016 and will become a reality in 2017 at Nantes when the two founders launch the crownfunding campaign which will be a success. This campaign will allow the young company to start producing their shoes in Vietnam with their local artisans and send the first models around the world.

The brand wants to show solidarity through the actions it carries out through its products and collaborations with local NGOs. These NGOs work for the construction of schools in the North of Vietnam in the most marginalized villages, N'go brings a financial support to these actions.

N'go, innovative women's sneakers with an educational purpose

From the beginning of the project, the company wanted to partner with the NGO "Sao Bien" which allows the construction of schools in marginalized villages in northern Vietnam. For each pair of N'go shoes purchased, the company donates 2&euro to the NGO.

The results of this collaboration can be felt, today N'go has financed 2 of the 7 schools opened by the NGO ensuring the education of 120 children. And this is only the beginning of this collaboration. By consuming N'go, you are contributing to the building.

Today, the shoes are made to be mixed offering canvas shoes at 69€ and sneakers in vegetable leather (without using chemical process, only from natural materials) at 89€.

N'go, Vietnamese women's shoes with local names

For each pair of shoes designed, N'go has chosen to name it after an emblematic place in Vietnam. For example, the Ben Thanh shoe, which pays tribute to the most popular market in the country with its colorful roofs, stalls and products from all over the country represents this model well. Another model, the Sa Pa, which refers to the green terraced crops with the mountainous landscape of this city in northern Vietnam. Another emblematic place giving its name to a N'go sneakers, the Ninh Binh, which is considered as the land Ha Long Bay, you could find the mythical lotus flower during a walk through the caves and rice fields of this place. And finally, Da Lat, which is the name of a city meaning eternal spring offering exceptional fruits and the best grape variety of the country.

Proudly displaying their colorful pattern, N'go women's shoes will work to preserve an ancestral know-how, made from unique canvas weaving. You will have understood that by buying a N'go shoe you will participate in preserving this know-how, but also contribute to the ecological approach of the company in its production of shoes while supporting an NGO working for the schooling of children in northern Vietnam. Find our selection on our lifestyle store Made in Paradise and at the best price!