Reebok Women's Sneakers at the best price

A great success in the 90s, the brand Reebok is on Made In Paradis and we present our selection of sneakers Reebok for women available on our lifestyle store.

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Reeboka brand that took a long time to make a place for itself

ReebokThe brand, which was created at the end of the 19th century, has built up a very wide range of women's shoes over the years. The brand offers you to find shoes in leather, suede, synthetic, nubuck, with or without mesh insert, with a thick sole or not, sneakers or low, the logo on the side of the shoe, in short as many specificity to find in the catalog of Reebok woman.

The history of Reebok, from the family business to the international company

The company Reebok that we know today dates from 1958, but theorigine of this company is much older. In 1895, Joseph William Foster founded a company that specialized in the design and manufacture of high-tech footwear for the athletic and golf markets. The company's name was J. W. Foster & Son. In 1958, the grandson of J. W. Foster renamed the company Reebok in Bolton in Angleterre. But a change of name does not mean a change of DNA, Reebok continues the production of sporting goods and will even develop the range of sports by offering more generalist items. And like all sports brands, Reebok creates a lifestyle, sportswear range to develop sales to a new public.

Today, the company Reebok belongs to the Adidas group and is headquartered in Boston, USA.

ReebokA wide range of women's lifestyle shoes for a specific performance offer

Unlike many other brands in the sector, Reebok has chosen not to focus on the development of performance products for major team sports (soccer, handball, basketball) but rather on more sought-after sports such as crossfit, running, combat sports, dance and fitness/training. The advantage for Reebok to develop sports with an individual vocation is that they allow the creation of a sportswear range more easily.

In this collection of women's performance sportswear we will find women's running shoes (such as the Reebok Lite 2. 0 or the Reebok Flashfilm), Reebok women's Crossfit and fitness/training with the Nano 9.0 or the Legacy Lifter). Each of these women's sneakers are made to meet the requirements of different sports.

In parallel we find the sneakers Reebok for women with the ranges Reebok Club, the Reebok The Pump, the Reebok Workout, the Reebok Nylon, the Reebok Daytona or the Reebok Aztrek! Between real icon of the brand and model very appreciated by the fans of the brand, the collection Reebok woman knows how to address its audience.

Reebok Classics, the iconic and timeless sneaker

The most popular range of the firm, the Reebok Classics Club, Club Revenge or Club as many trendy and timeless version. This white woman's sneaker is a low sneaker model, and goes everywhere. As well in a professional sphere with a strict cut pants or for a private sphere with a slimfit jeans. Proof of the popularity of the range, partnerships we regularly see collaborations appear between this range and associations or cartoons (Pride range or Tom & Jerry for example).

The range Reebok The Pump woman is probably the most innovative pair of women's sneakers collection Reebok. It arrived in the 90s, inspired by running innovation appears on the means of tightening the shoe. Indeed, membranes make their appearance, inflatable thanks to a snap on the side of the shoe. Ensuring a pleasant tightening coupled with a running design to offer a very appreciable comfort.

A model definitely sport, and assumed in its name sneakers Reebok Workout woman will be perfect for a sportswear outfit. Released in the late 80s, never removed from the catalog Reebok as one of the most popular models of the brand.

The Reebok Nylon, pair released in 1984 has kept its design oforigine and this is probably what explains the success of this range. They have everything needed to meet the needs of everyday life, a sole thick enough to absorb the shocks of everyday life, a light shoe to accompany this idea of comfort.

For a more original design in women's sneakers, Reebok has designed the Aztrek. An outsole thicker than other models of the firm, the Reebok Aztrek woman has lived with its time to impose itself. More triangular lines will give a touch of originality to your clothes.

Finally the Reebok Daytona , the typical sneaker of the 2000s. After more than 10 years, the Daytona is still trendy, with its sporty, chic and pure style. The DMX technology developed by Reebok ensures a comfort that few sneakers can offer.

You will have understood it, Reebok proposes you a vast catalog of sneakers and women's shoes within reach of click at the best price!