Le Coq Sportif Women's Sneakers at the best price

Becoming essential, the shoes Le Coq Sportif woman combining a retro-running style and modern silhouettes are at Made In Paradis! Find 100% French sneakers from Le Coq on our lifestyle store.

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Le Coq Sportifa french touch since 1882

Le Coq Sportif was born in 1882 in Romilly-sur-Seine in the Aube region. It is Emile Camuset who, from his textile workshop, starts the design and production of sportswear. For him, the sports fan, it is quite natural that he associated his job and his passion. The company quickly became one of the first sports brands in the world and in the wake of the French sports brand accompanying both professional and amateur teams and even being the equipment supplier for the France teams of the 1924 Olympic Games in Paris.

In the years 70-80, Le Coq Sportif will really enjoy a great notoriety and will dress the majority of the major soccer and rugby clubs of the time. The brand will be associated with many achievements and sports titles.

After more difficult years at the end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st, the brand worked on its return to the forefront. Back to its roots by relocating its development center to Romilly-sur-Seine in 2010. Then in 2012, opening a textile production center in Romilly-sur-Seine.

All this while working on the acquisition of equipment contracts with major sports entities in France, 2010 the Coq becomes the equipment supplier of the2010 the Coq became the supplier of the distinctive jerseys of the Tour de France, from 2012 it is the return in soccer (Saint-Etienne, Fiorentina, Troyes, Athletico Mineiro), in Rugby with the Racing 92 in 2017 and more recently with the XV of France. Or partnerships with more sought-after sports, Renault in Formula 1 and with Tony Yoka in boxing and the latest with the Paris Opera.

And 100 years after the 1924 Olympic Games in Paris, the Coq will once again be the equipment supplier for the France teams involved.

Basket Le Coq Sportif, the French know-how

No need to prove its know-how of more than 100 years, the French brand has quickly taken the bet to develop a lifestyle range since 1939 at the Universal Exhibition of New York the French firm presents "the Sunday suit" which is the premier tracksuit of the history. And for its comeback, the idea is to rely on their expertise and to produce with local companies. All this while highlighting the Made in France which is a guarantee of quality.

Le Coq SportifLe Coq, the 100% French sneaker brand

The archives of Le Coq are filled with textiles, models, patterns, logos, sports shoes, urban shoes for women and men, more than 100 years of work that pays off today. Indeed, designers can come and pick up concepts, ideas for today's collections.

Like other brands in the sector, Le Coq has had to adapt to consumer demands and develop for its fans a range of sportswear products, particularly women's sneakers.

The sneakers Le Coq Sportif Esthète are low shoes for women and men, made of uppers, leather inserts and textile lining for the interior of the shoe. The rubber outsole is designed to cushion your strides. This pair is everywhere, they will go as well in a professional sphere as a private sphere.

Sneakers Le Coq Sportif Omega for women

Flagship range of the brand, the Oméga. The Oméga X running-inspired sneaker is made from heat-bonded inserts and an internal textile lining. Three soles are present on this model, a comfort insole, a molded EVA midsole and the rubber outsole and the side logo is embroidered directly on the shoe.

LCS R800, the cult sneaker addict

Other models will please the fans of sneakers, the LCS R1000 or the LCS R800 are very popular. This is understandable in view of their color combinations, quality materials and a strong identity. Finally the LCS R900 is a very trendy model that shows us that the retro-running fashion is still relevant.

So find this French brand on Made in Paradis with a selection of women's sneakers Le Coq Sportif!