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Looking for sneakers or women's sneakers Asics ? Discover a wide selection of sneakers: Gel-Lyte, Gel-Kayano, Nimbus, Gel-Quantum, and many other models. Available in different colors, different sizes and always at the best price.

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Asicsfrom running shoes to lifestyle sneakers for women

The company Asics was founded in 1949 in Kobe at Japon by a young shoemaker Kihachiro Onitsuka. He started to produce and market basketball shoesball. By analyzing the sport and the movements of the athletes, he manages to put at point the first Onitsuka Tiger which will be a real success. In 1951, the winner of the Boston Marathon wears this pair of Tiger.

AsicsA rich history to cultivate!

Asics The name "Tiger" comes from the Latin " Anima Sana In Corpore Sana " which in French means " A healthy mind in a healthy body ". It is on this idea that the brand will develop and continue to design its products. And like many women's sportswear companies of the time, a lifestyle and streetwear range was created in parallel.

AsicsThe brand's mission : trendy women's sneakers with a sporty identity !

Whether you are looking for a pair of women's running shoes, a pair of women's sneakers for fitness, a women's lifestyle sneakers, a pair of white women's sneakers, high top sneakers or high top sneakers, with or without laces ... Asics will have the women's model for you! The major asset of the Japanese brand is undoubtedly its ability to innovate, to develop new unique technologies to the service of performance models of the women's range. The women's running shoes fromAsics are very comfortable, and it is not uncommon to see the women's running shoes Asics being worn for a more urban use, in streetwear mode.

Modern shoes inspired by the archives ofAsics

Having a large archive, retracing the history of the Japanese brand, the firm can afford to draw from it to release women's sneakers and even women's sports shoes. The strategy ofAsics has been to impose itself in a premier time on the sector of women's running, by developing innovative technologies and own brand, including the GEL technology. Technologies that will be adapted to women's sportswear models in order to offer you a very appreciable comfort for your rhythmic days.

In this idea, we find the Asics Gel-Kayano, Gel-Nimbus and Metaride. All three models are equipped with GEL technology owned byAsics. This technology consists of inserting gel in the midsole of the women's shoe to absorb the shocks associated with physical activity.

For sneakers Asics aimed at trail running, there are three women's models for this sport, the Gel-Fujitrabuco, Gel-Sonoma and Gel-Venture. They obviously benefit from the GEL technology in the midsole.

Finally in the third major category of women's shoesAsics we find the models made for women's tennis, the Court FF, Gel-Resolution, Solution Speed FF. Of these three models only one has the GEL technology, the other two have the FF technology(Flyte Foam) which will allow the pairs of sneakers woman Asics equipped to offer a better jump using your speed.

Women's Sneakers Asics Gel-Quantum

Now if we look at the catalog of women's sneakers of the Japanese brand we will find iconic models. Often inspired by running as the Gel-Quantum declined in 3 versions 90, 180 and 360 corresponding to the density of GEL present in the sole to ensure you more comfort.

Other iconic model of the catalog woman ofAsics, the Gel-Lyte coming directly from the 80s. Equipped with two technologies ofAsics, the GEL present in the heel of the shoe and the P-GEL technology in the front of the shoe. It is thus a highly technological women's sneaker that the brand offers us without losing anything in terms of style. It is also the largest range of the brand, going from the Gel-Lyte III to the Gel-Lyte V in over 10 years. To make it last over time, the brand has been able to bring to its model warm colors for "winter" models and colors more flash for models more "summer". Ideal to wear for a casual style throughout the year.

We will find the Gel-Kayano in the catalog sneakers woman with three variations as the Gel-Quantum to bring you more or less GEL technology in your sole. This pair also has a past and a design of women's running, they will be perfect as women's sports shoes (cardio, fitness, Crossfit) ensuring a good comfort and a good support very effective to accompany you. But this technology that aims the performance remains very appreciated by the owners of these pairs to make sneakers very comfortable.

Finally, we find the Onitsuka Tiger, low shoes woman ofAsics. The range Onitsuka are low can be made of mesh or leather. The most iconic model of this range is undoubtedly the canvas sneaker Mexico 66 woman, available in a multitude of colors.

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