Women's Swimwear, Bikini and Swimwear Trends

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Top brands of swimwear for women at the best price.

Let Sneakin help you find the right swimming costume for you! In our new collection, we can offer you a wide range of women's swimwear styles so you can make the most of your summer holiday.

With just a few clicks you can choose from a variety of styles, sizes and colours. We offer a fast delivery service and unbeatable prices. Check out our collection of one-piece swimming costumes in all styles in our online shop.

Depending on your preference, you can choose between a trendy 2-piece swimming costume, a bikini or a fashionable trikini for your sunny days by the pool or on the beach. To create your own swimwear style, you can also opt for our panty, thong or thong swimming costume bottoms and bandeau swimming costume tops.

To offer you a wide range of high quality and original women's swimwear, you will find in our catalogue the reference brands in women's clothing such as adidas, Hummel, ONLY, Urban Classics, etc.

Whether in sober colours like black, green or blue or in bright colours like red or yellow, plain or printed, you are sure to find what you are looking for in our selection.

How do you choose a swimming costume if you have a belly or love handles?

Choosing a swimming costume always requires a lot of thought if you have a belly or not, and that's normal.

Here are a few tips we can give you to find the swimming costume that accentuates your figure, hides your little round tummy or love handles or marries with class.

At Sneakin, we make sure to offer swimming costumes that are adapted to large sizes so that no matter your body type, there is a swimming costume that will allow you to enjoy the beach with serenity and confidence this summer.

High-waisted 2-piece swimming costume

For women who want to hide their tummy during the summer holidays, the high-waist swimming costume is absolutely perfect. Different models of round 2-piece women's swimming costumes are available in a wide range of colours and designs.

The high-waist swimming costume bottoms we offer cover a good part of the tummy, which helps to slim the waist as well as flatten it. This is a great solution if you prefer 2-piece swimming costumes for your summer style.

With pieces from top brands like Adidas and Hummel, all tastes and desires are catered for.

Swimming costume 1-piece

Surely the ideal solution, or at least the most effective, is the one-piece swimming costume to conceal your tummy both on the beach and in the pool. Timeless, adaptable and stylish, it covers the parts of the body that give women the most complexes.

Tight-fitting, it shapes your figure by tracing and marking your curves. It features push-up cups that accentuate your breasts by providing perfect support in utmost comfort.

Darker coloured swimming costumes

Less radical, but leaving more freedom in choosing the shape and model of the woman's swimming costume, dark colours, especially black, are colours that help hide curves! To slim your body and look elegant at the same time, opt for a dark-coloured swimming costume such as black, brown or navy blue. A little tip: choose mainly matte tones and effects, i.e. not shiny. Patterns, on the other hand, draw attention away from your tummy.

The rest is up to you! We have swimwear with brand logos, such as the Adidas SH3.RO Mid-Stripes women's swimming costume, which offers a sporty look. We also have swimming costumes with floral and striped patterns.

What size should I choose for my swimming costume?

The most important thing when choosing a women's swimming costume, apart from the style you choose, is that the size of the product is perfectly adapted to your morphology. To make your choice easier, the size of all our swimming costumes is indicated as for women's clothing, i.e. S, M, L, XXL.
First of all, you need to choose a swimming costume cup that is adapted to your shape and comfortable. During your various daytime activities, it needs to cover and support your breasts well. Whether it is a triangle panty or a swim tenga, the piece should ideally fit at the waist so that it does not highlight small bumps or leave marks on your buttocks.
Swimwear tends to stretch with time and use, so we advise you to always go for the next size down if you're not sure which to choose.
Find a great selection of women's swimwear for all sizes and at the best prices on Sneakin!