adidas Originals Women's Sneakers at the best price

The shoes Adidas Originals Woman are on Made In Paradis! A large selection of trendy sneakers fromAdidas is waiting for you. Stan Smith, Continental 80, Gazelle, Superstar ... The best exclusive colors for women, in different sizes and always at the best price!

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Women's shoes Adidas Originals are made to be worn all year round thanks to the colors that the German brand offers but thanks to the suede or nubuck inserts.

Sneakers Adidas Women: Always trendy and true to the values ofAdidas Originals

look The models of low shoes offer a casual and sportswear look, and the sneakers adidas offers a more casual chic and a casual look.

Adidas Originals, a brand that has been around for years.

The brand was born in Allemagne in 1949 thanks to Adolf Dassler, its founder. The company got its name from there, "Adi" for Adolf and "Das" for Dassler. And very quickly the brand will develop in the creation, manufacture and marketing of sports articles.

The brand with the three stripes, aims at the production of articles aiming at the performance in a premier time before extending their offer by thinking of a more lifestyle range. Lifestyle range in which we will find the sports shoes Adidas woman, sneakers Adidas Originals woman or jackets, jogging woman ofAdidas.

The shoes Adidas Woman, perfect in all situations!

Whether you are looking for a pair of women's sports shoes, a pair of women's urban sneakers for a look streetwear, a sober and basic pair or more original and daring, Adidas Originals woman will always have a model to satisfy you. And this is what allows Adidas to be one of the leading brands in the market.

Today for a sober style, we will lean towards low white shoes (like the Adidas Stan Smith woman or the Adidas Superstar), for a more sporty style (we will look at the side of the Adidas ZX Flux woman) or model fashion and ultra trendy (like the Adidas Yeezy) all is available in the catalog Adidas Originals.

The sneakers adidas Women inspired by the archives ofadidas Originals

Many models ofwomen's shoes fromAdidas Originals come from the archives of the German firm. One of the most telling examples is undoubtedly the Adidas Originals Stan Smith. Issued for the first time in 1964, these low white sneakers were named after its French designer Robert Haillet and it is only during the 70's that the pair will take the name of the famous tennis player Stan Smith. It is in 2013 thatAdidas will decide to put on the front of the stage its famous white woman sneaker to make the bestseller of today.

This story, we will find it with another model of the German brand, the Adidas Superstar, the model of women's shoe bi-material. Indeed with the front so particular in rubber and the rest of the sneaker in soft leather, allows today to play on this original aspect to make an iconic model of the brand.

The women's sneaker Adidas Gazelle is born in the 90s, which with its slim design, close to the foot and available in a multitude of colors, it will match perfectly with a slimfit jeans or a more strict cut pants like a chino for an urban and casual style.

The women's shoes Adidas Continental 80, imagined, thought and conceived for the sport in room, that we can understand thanks to its sole adapted to the indoor coverings, it will be a perfect match for the women.It shows us that the retro style of the pair is very trendy and declinable in different colors.

A model really intended for the female public, the Adidas Falcon draws its design from a running from 1996. In addition to retaining its design oforigine, it retains its running sole making it iconic and very comfortable. With curved lines and a definite lifestyle style, it will be perfect to accompany your outfits.

Another retro-running women's sneaker from the 90's, the Yung series, is based on the Falcon and offers a trendy model with a voluminous sole, curved lines and a very comfortable fit.

So many models of sneakers Adidas woman who have become real bestseller!

The new assets ofAdidas in the design of its shoes

As mentioned above, Adidas relies on the brand's extensive archives and the skills it has acquired over the years to bring old models back into fashion. But we observe more and more collaborations between the German brand and celebrities(Pharrell Williams and the Adidas HU, Kanye West and the Adidas Yeezy or Ninja, E-sports).

Beyond celebrities, Adidas is also partnering with world-renowned companies. Recently we saw the Stan Smith and the famous character of Disney "Mickey" collaborate for a capsule. Or an Arizona collection, leader in iced tea, and the Adidas Super Court and Continental 80 models.

Adidas succeeded in the tour de force of being the brand of the moment. A moment that has lasted since its creation. It never lets itself be overtaken by competitors and always stays one step ahead of them. High or low, your shoes Adidas woman cheap is within reach of click!