Women's 1-piece swimsuit Banana Moon Nessy Black

Women's 1-piece swimsuit Banana Moon Nessy Black

Starting at: $79.69


Shine this summer with the women's 1-piece swimsuit Banana Moon Nessy Black, adjustable and elegant. Fine details for a perfect look.
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Starting at: $79.69


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Women's 1-piece swimsuit Banana Moon Nessy Black


  • 1-piece swimsuit, black
  • Slim, adjustable straps
  • Adjustable hip height and notch
  • Scalloped cut
  • Eco-responsible collection with Sensitive Eco System, where every stage of production is optimized and traced to minimize environmental impact.

Black one-piece swimsuit NESSY BLACK from the summer collection Banana Moon. Trendy and adjustable, this black swimsuit embodies timelessness. The adjustable straps offer a perfect fit, making this swimsuit a must-have in your wardrobe.


  • Creation : Monaco
  • Design and development point: Monaco
  • Weaving/Knitting : Espagne
  • Dyeing/Printing : Italie
  • Clothing/Assembly : Tunisie


  • Main fabric: Polyamide 75%, Elastane 25%
  • Lining: Polyamide 82%, Elastane 18

Rejects plastic microfibers into the environment during washing.


To care for and maintain your favorite swimsuit, we recommend :

Use a towel to sit on it: avoid contact with concrete, wood or stones (pool deck). The fibers used in this swimsuit are soft and pleasant to the skin, but can be damaged by contact with such surfaces.

Rinse your swimsuit after each use: we recommend that you rinse your swimsuit thoroughly with clear water after each use.

Do not machine-wash your swimsuit: we recommend hand-washing, without detergent or other abrasive products such as stain removers. Use a delicate detergent or simple soap.

Never leave your swimsuit damp in its pocket: prints can fade if the swimsuit is rolled up or folded while still wet.

Ornaments or special materials (pearls, shells, crystals...): avoid rubbing, twisting or overstretching the fabric on which they are applied.

Additional Information

Brand Banana Moon
Manufacturer SKU NESSY BLACK-LSE01
Color Black
Color Black
Gender Women
Age group Adult