Women's running Socks at the best price

Find the selection of women's running socks from Made in Paradis among major brands. Whether low, mid or high, running socks should be part of your running gear!

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Many runners choose their running shoes carefully but generally neglect the choice of their socks. When we know that a good pair of running socks helps to maintain the foot in the shoe, provides better protection of the foot but also better comfort during your runs.

Women's running socks for comfort

The choice of the pair of socks that will accompany you in your runs requires some thought. There are some characteristics to take into account during your search.

Indeed, if you are running for performance, such as marathons or extreme training, the Made in Paradis team advises you to choose socks that offer a certain amount of compression to facilitate blood circulation in the muscles and thus slow down the feeling of muscle fatigue. They will also help recovery at the end of your sessions. In addition to offering compression, they can also better maintain your foot in the shoe thanks to bands or points adhering better to the insole of the shoe but also thanks to a fabric reinforcement at the ankle, securing your practice a little more.

Finally, the mid or high socks offer support but not only, they are designed to compress the lower legs to feel light as you run.

How to choose a pair of women's running socks?

We have seen above, the choice of the pair of running socks is made around the comfort that we will have through this choice. There are still some aspects to take into account and especially the fabric of the pair, we recommend cotton socks, they offer excellent support and good protection against injury. For the size our advice will be the same as for the choice of your pair of women's running shoes, rely on the size guide provided by the brands by adding 1 cm to your foot size so that during your physical effort you are not cramped. And finally, the thickness of the sock, the best is to find a good compromise between too thick and not enough. Too thick, once your feet are in the shoe you may feel cramped, and conversely a pair of thin socks may not offer you enough support.

As you can see, a running outfit is not only a pair of running shoes, it is also the socks that go with them. They will give you extra comfort while helping you to recover. Find our selection on our store Made in Paradis, among the biggest brands of running and at the best price!