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Find our selection of women's compression garments, ideal for achieving new performance and faster recovery after your sports sessions. The Made in Paradis team presents you its selection!

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The most ambitious runners need equipment that can follow them and help them in their ever increasing goals. In addition to running shoes and running clothes, runners also use compression garments, which, through their compressive effect, help to increase performance tenfold and also promote rapid recovery at the end of the run. It is indeed attested that the compressive virtues of these garments promote blood circulation during the effort thus reducing muscle soreness.

How to choose a compression garment for women?

With the success of these garments, major sports brands have entered the market, offering compression garments for all parts of the body, helping for different disciplines such as cycling, running or fitness. Let's start with compression tights, the advantage is that they are not exclusive to one sport, whether you are cycling, running or fitness, the virtues of compression tights will help you perform. Compression shirts are useful for sports that require arms and shoulders, or like running, sports that create vibrations that tire your muscles more quickly. Compression shorts, generally used for fitness to help with lower body exercises, or useful for cycling. Always with a view to helping performance and recovery, the shorts are equipment to have. Finally, the last major family of compression garments,compression sleeves, both useful for the arms and calves, the sleeves will really help you to reduce muscle fatigue in these limbs.

How to choose the right size of compression garment for women?

The very principle of compression garments is to compress your body, so it is important to pay attention to the size you take. Especially since between brands, it will not be the same way to cut. It is therefore imperative to refer to the size guide provided by the brands. Compression garments must fit your body and must be adapted to your morphology.

You will have understood, the purchase of compression garments requires a reflection, in order to find the right garment for your sport and the right size. Find our selection here and at the best price!