Women's running Clothes at the best price

You are looking for your first running outfit or you are here to complete or renew your equipment? Find our selection of tee-shirts and tank tops, jackets and windcheaters, shorts and shorts or women's running socks from the best brands!

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Running is one of the most popular sports, which is probably related to the ease of access to running equipment today. But the choice of running equipment cannot be made without a little thought, whether it is the type of running you want to do (road, trail, marathon, ...) but also the type of product you are looking for, consumer product, technical product aimed at performance, or a mix of both to combine comfort and performance. Made in Paradis offers you on its store clothes and running equipment for women among the major brands.

How to choose your women's running clothes?

Are you motivated to run and already have a pair of running shoes? Perfect, now you just have to find the rest of your running clothes. The Made in Paradis team gives you its buying advice for each item of clothing according to its usefulness.

We start with a piece of clothing that many people neglect, women's running T-shirts or tank tops. For many running enthusiasts, the classic cotton t-shirt or tank top is enough for their practice, which is not true. In fact, women's running T-shirts or tank tops are designed for running, the material is made to evacuate heat, while being light. Moreover they are generally more aerodynamic, which is not negligible to achieve new performances. It will be important to refer to the size guide provided by the brands to find the garment made to your morphology. If you want to run in cooler or even colder weather, long sleeve running T-shirts will be made for you, they will also be studied for the practice of the sport.

Once you have your top, you have to find what you are going to wear underneath, are you more leggings/tights or shorts/shorts? Both categories have their advantages. First of all the legging, it will be like a second skin, very aerodynamic, generally made of breathable and light material, the legging will be your ally even by rainy weather. Its comfort is really appreciable and will help you in your runs to hold and push your limits. The weather is nice and you want to run? Shorts or shorts are for you. The shorts, like the tights or leggings, the shorts are really like a second skin. They won't hinder your movements and will always be comfortable to wear. However, if the weather changes, you will not be as well protected as with leggings or tights. Concerning the running shorts, made of light material and often with a wider cut than the shorts, the shorts will be very good if you don't like the second skin aspect of the shorts, of the shorts, of the shorts and of the shorts. Shorts are also generally much more breathable and offer additional comfort with faster heat evacuation.

You with your outfit almost finished, it is still necessary to look at the side of the jackets and windcheaters of running, indeed the weather conditions will not always be favorable to your practice of the running, and it is not question of losing in motivation or of postponing its run because of that. It is therefore necessary to equip yourself with a running jacket or windbreaker. This will keep you dry and help you fight the elements.

Finally, the last major categories of equipment often overlooked wrongly, bras and underwear, running socks and finally compression clothing. First of all, no matter what your running level is, these three categories work for your comfort during your sessions. The role of compression clothing is to compress areas during exercise, facilitating blood circulation and thus slowing down the feeling of muscle fatigue, but also facilitating recovery once your run is over. Running socks are optional for many, although they can have similar virtues to compression garments by facilitating blood circulation but also provide additional support for the foot and help avoid injuries. Finally, bras and underwear for running, bras provide a support 5 times greater than a simple sports bra, this support is transformed into comfort during your runs. Finally, the underwear made for running, are generally made for comfort with notably production process going in this direction, in order not to feel the seams during your strides for example.

As you can see, getting into running with a pair of running shoes is not enough. For a good practice, to improve your performance but also for your comfort, it is important to have a complete outfit. That's why Made in Paradis offers you a multitude of references to help you in your practice.