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Caval is the first brand of elegantly mismatched shoes. We have two feet ... why wear two identical shoes? Find a selection of women's shoes Caval on Made in Paradis !

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Cavalthe elegantly mismatched shoe brand

The brand's story begins with an observation and a meeting. Two of the three founders, Achille and Simon, met on a bench in 2013. Both of them had been wearing mismatched shoes since their childhood. The founders started from the observation that we have two feet and that we can therefore wear two mismatched shoes but for the world to be ready to take the plunge, it must be elegantly done. It is there, that Benoît third founder makes his appearance as a designer, to imagine pairs of shoes woman and man elegantly mismatched.

The shoes Caval are handmade in France, in Italie and in Portugal what attests a certain pledge of quality!

Women's sneakers out of pairs

Unmatched shoes yes, but the shoe must be elegant. And to do this, Caval must respect a rule, there must be 7 differences between the right foot and the left foot. They are the result of a European know-how. In France, Caval makes the designs of the models, in Italie and more precisely in Lombardy the company buys the leather of great quality, ensuring thatThe leather is soft and resistant, which guarantees comfort, and is sent to Portugal, in Guimarães, where the shoes Caval are produced by hand.

Other peculiarities of the shoes of the brand, the will is to produce shoes 100% leather, both the exterior and the interior lining. A sole glued and sewn to the upper of the shoe directly, this process ensures strength and durability to the shoe. For the laces, they are made in Italie, they are waterproof and are 100% organic cotton to respect the desire of Caval to have a sustainable production. The whole accompanied by a midnight blue cotton bag marked gold to protect your shoes during travel.

You will have understood, these sneakers are out of pairs by the 7 differences between the two shoes but also in their quality design, raw materials and a European know-how.

CavalThe solidarity shoe

Building on the differences between the shoes, it was obvious for the brand to go further by associating their brand, their company with Handicap International to no longer make the difference a handicap, but a harmony. That's why for each pair of shoes Caval purchased, 1&euro is given to the association.

The Korben&Leeloo or the Vincent&Mia two historical models for the brand and more recently the Boonie&Clyde are made to last. Find our selection of shoes Caval on our lifestyle e-shop Made in Paradis and offer yourself a unique design and the best European know-how!